Candidate for Colorado's Fourth Congressional District.

Ryan McGonigal.

Standing for Transparency and Accountability.

A Veteran
for The

The oath Ryan took when enlisting in the U.S. Army has pushed him to stand up for his country once again. Stepping directly into hard work and making hard decisions is nothing new to a seasoned Combat Veteran and Leader. America needs a political overhaul and that is his goal.

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Top Legislative Priorities:

Cut spending

Government spending is wasteful and completely out of control.

Finish the border wall

We must defend our nation not only oversees, but at our Southern Border as well.

Ban "CRT" in schools

I believe in education, not indoctrination.

Defend Gun Rights

Every single American has the Constitutional right to defend themselves and their familes.

Increase Transparency

The voters deserve to know everything their elected officials are doing.

Support Veterans

They’ve already made the sacrifice to defend America, now American must stand behind them.

Still want to Know More?

Ryan's Military Experience

Joining the military was one of the best decisions Ryan ever made.

Defending Life

Life is a God-given right which begins at conception.

Colorado's 4th District

The Fourth District covers a geographically large and diverse portion of Colorado.

What I stand for:

The Issues

Washington DC is filled with spineless individuals who say one thing to their constituents then turn around and vote the opposite way.

As your Representative in Congress, I’ll keep my promises – no matter what it takes.

Second Amendment

I want to repeal the NFA and dismantle the ATF, as decisions to enforce such laws should be left to individual states. A well-armed society is a key to safety. Education is critical to firearm ownership. It’s a fact that firearm safety and teaching at a younger age reduce the chances of incidents.

Small Government

The U.S. Government needs to be slimmed down. By winding down and removing certain agencies on the Federal level, centralized power can be returned to individual states. For example, The FBI can be shut down as there are already state level bureaus of investigation.

Less Regulation

Government regulations are a significant problem in America. Rolling back regulations gives personal responsibility back to Americans. States can work to develop their regulation laws and to ensure safety.  

Constitutional Rights

It is too familiar for big tech social media companies to violate constitutional rights. No company should be allowed to infringe the Constitutional Rights of Americans regardless of agreement policies. In America, Constitutional Rights always come first.