What I'm about

I was born and raised in Longmont Colorado in 1987 as a free man that was granted unalienable rights from God! My heart is telling me that I need to stand as a Patriot. I am not just going for a seat in Congress. I want to restart the heart of America. The truth is we cannot stand any longer to have current leaders say “This is not about freedom or personal choice” current President Joseph Biden says. Let me say this. IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT FREEDOM AND PERSONAL CHOICE. Freedom is something that constantly needs to be fought for because Freedom is the most valuable thing on this planet. The Constitution and Freedom are under threat and Patriots need to step up and protect them. Am I alone in that? Who will step up with me? Is it gonna be the vet begging for change on the street? Will it be the mom that stands up to the school boards? How about Veterans who lost someone in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars? Will you stand with me. 


Accountability is gone in our government. General Mark Milley being the Ultimate Blue Falcon is insulting to the uniform he wears. Had a Regular Army Sergeant try to Alert the Chinese Government of impending action would result in said Sergeant being put in Military Prison. If I called in an airstrike on a crowd of children and civilians that would equal me being put in handcuffs, and President Biden gets to walk free. These acts and others from former administrations need to be investigated and charges then punishment be brought upon all found guilty of war crimes, treason, negligence, sedition, and the list goes on. Where is the Accountability?  


Veterans Affairs is something that has yet to meet the needs of America’s Heros. The Veteran Housing program is something that is helping Veterans get off the streets. There should be thought into expanding this as well as other services available to enhance mental health care to Veterans through resiliency education. The current disability claim system needs an overhaul. Veterans are not being seen by the correct professionals for their claims and this is causing denied claims for issues evidently caused by military service


The education of our children is at risk. Across the country, schools are giving children education that is grossly explicit. Something has to be done about this. I want to do this on the Education and Labor Committee. It cannot stop there. Parents and students in Colorado are stepping up. This must continue. Parents, keep trying to identify those educators that need to be removed. Teachers in Schools should also have a better sense of safety in their jobs. Security for schools is severely lacking. New insights should be considered to help keep teachers safe. Then they can focus on the social, mental, physical, and of each student to help guide and develop our future leaders.

Military Service

I joined the U.S. Army in 2005. I was young, and I saw that I had a choice to make. Go to college or join the Military. It was an easy choice. I wanted to serve my country. That was the best decision I have ever made. I took a step in a direction that would change my life forever.

United, we could defeat any enemy on the battlefield. I have deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan throughout my ten years in service. I learned that no matter who you serve with, we all have each other’s backs, and we will lay down our lives for each other.

I had the opportunity to attend Army Leadership classes while I served. These classes taught me to be a Leader. They taught me skills that I could use both on and off the Battlefield. I will use those skills when elected to work to Unite our fellow Americans so that together we will WIN!